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Mussels in Sugo

🍽 2-3 serves | ⏱ 45 minutes Mussels are a great ingredient for anyone but, in particular, they’re a beneficial ingredient for people with high cholesterol. They are very low in cholesterol, about half as much as chicken, and contain much… 

Penny Weigand - Dietitian

Penny Weigand

Penny Weigand, Bariatric Dietitian QUALIFICATIONS Dietitian Bachelor of Nutrition & Dietetics University of Wollongong Penny Weigand started her career over 10 years ago at Sydney Children’s Hospital however has pivoted into the field of adult weight loss surgery. She is… 

Naomi Crockett - Dietitian

Naomi Crockett

Naomi Crockett, Paediatric Dietitian QUALIFICATIONS DietitianMasters of Nutrition & DieteticsUniversity of Sydney Bachelor of Applied Science in Food & NutritionUniversity of Western Sydney Naomi Crockett joined our team in 2022 after many years working at St George Hospital as a… 

Justine Quintano - Dietitian

Justine Quintano

Justine Quintano, Dietitian QUALIFICATIONS DietitianMaster of Nutrition & DieteticsUniversity of Wollongong Justine Quintano is an Australian trained Dietitian with a Masters degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Wollongong. An Accredited Practicing Dietitian, Justine has recently returned from…